Matyóföldi- Kisbojtár Puli Kennel, Bronze Wreath Master Breeders

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 Our favorites

The Puli

  • A family dog who is charming and kind, loves children
  • Listens carefully every word, best friend, clings to his/her owner
  • An excellent watch-dog, although sometimes makes bark loudly
  • A wise who can carry out orders, learn quickly, but sometimes thinking about of the meaning is it common sense or not?
  • Their unique coats stucks many curious eyes.
  • Intelligent, who understands well all of us
  • The love of the Puli is an unsurpassed
  • Only one Puli is never enough

Matyóföldi- Kisbojtár Csillagfürt, she is an intelligent Puli girl.

Introduction our Puli kennel

Warm welcome to All!

Please let we introduce ourselves.

My name is Enikő Dohány Németh, I am a dog groomer and dog breeder.

I am Péter Dohány, I work as a mechanical engineer and I am the Secretary of the Hungária Puli Club.

We are the owners of the Matyóföldi-Kisbojtár Puli Kennel.

We live in Mezőkövesd, in the southern part of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County, at the next of the Bükk Mountains, in the heart of Matyóföld.

We are in the fortunate position of being able to promote two hungarikum at the same time. First, the Puli is so kind to us, but also important our folk art, called Matyó tradition which belong to this area. Our kennel primary target is breeding healthy Pulis. Important also our Pulis must match the Puli's standard, ideal appearance, temperament, good character and excellent coat quality. 

We continue breeding with involve rare and valuable ancient lines. Our great pleasure, we actively participate in the breeding and promotion of this exceptional Hungarian breed with five black bitches (Anka, Csuda, Csillagfürt, Fagyöngy and Mákvirág) and two black males (Avar and Erdész).

The little ones grow up in a family environment. They receive lots of care and love so they can fit in to their new family easily.

Matyóföldi- Kisbojtár Csepke, she loves work and herdings.

Available puppies

Our litter L was born at 25.01.2024, three pretty girls and a handsome boy give us lots of fun.

Matyóföldi- Kisbojtár Erdész, the most kind of Puli boy.

Closeness for the lowland and our childhood full of folk traditions, determined our choice of breed.