In defense of our national treasure, the Puli!

We delved into the interesting world of breeding. We decided to contribute to the expansion of the gene pool of this rare breed. We had to wake up, this wonderful and excellent breed what kind of challenges are facing.

The main goals of the dog breeders are save, maintain and strive for breed a more beautiful and excellent type in parallel of preserve the valuable characteristics and health.

Unfortunately, you can hear from many people:

"Bring a Puli (mix) from a shelter" They do not even think about it has a detrimental to the survival of the breed. 

The Puli, as hungarikum is our national treasure. We have to respect our national treasure, do not let it go to forgotten!

The breed is sustainable with hungarikum-marked, DNA examinated, FCI pedigreed Puli.

Please support the efforts of the breeders, because unfortunately we can say goodbye easily to this native Hungarian breed.